How it works

Bold Cashers, Bold Earners

How does Bold Cashing Work?

In this document, I will guide you through how everything works.

Bold Cashing is an online trading investment platform but with a twist, other than all the major investment platforms you have ever come across or used, BC is by far the best with the state of the art security with the best investment plans.

The Scope.

Here at BC, deposits are treated as buying, and withdrawals are treated as selling, so in the layman's language when it comes to crypto trading and investment, we all know that buying is when you buy a certain token or coin and hold it waiting for the price to raise so that you can sell it for a profit. so this is what deposit and withdrawal mean at BC.

Deposit at BC means buying, in simple terms you made a deposit in order to invest your money to earn profits, so the deposit you make is considered as buying here at BC, depending on the plan you choose to invest in, when you place your deposit and make the investment your money automatically buys a random profitable token or coin in the stock market then the BC system trades on your behalf while minimizing loss risks, for the entire duration of the plan you have chosen. When your time matures the BC system will restore your capital together with the profits it has made, during the trading period, you are free to transfer your profits to the main balance account and you can withdraw the money when you need it or reinvest it.

Withdrawal at BC means selling, when you choose to withdraw your money it means the BC system will sell the tokens or coins in order to make that money available for you to receive via PayPal, Bank transfer, and all other withdrawal methods available.

So simply BC is a smart system that is connected to platforms like Binance, Coinbase, RoyalQ, eToro, and many others to ensure that you receive the investment services you expect without the fear of stock market losses.

Payout delays may vary depending on the withdrawal method or the withdrawal destination, especially for banks and PayPal, also note that PayPal might hold your money for 14days or more depending on how they categorize the transaction and your PayPal account reputation. For more about transactions please check out the transactions page.